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I was going to put this in my last post but it told me the post was too long. So here it is.
This is an early Slayers Special story called "Naga no Chousen," which I think can mean "The Challenge of Naga" or "Naga's Challenge." It is the first story that includes Naga. I have no idea who translated it, but this was unearthed by shansito using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
Oh yeah, and this has a bunch of emoticons which were not in the original story (I'm assuming the translater put them there).

As Lina came back to her inn after eating out, it was on fire.
Lina's possessions burning...all her magic items, jewels, etc...
People are trying to put out the fire, but to no avail.
Then there appeared a person inside the fire.
A beautiful woman with black hair and intellignet-looking eyes was
standing on 3rd floor's balcony.
She wore around her neck a pendant with a small skull, and wore a
dazzling costume which partially covers where it should. ^_^
She was in the evil-sorceress-fashion which fevered a few hundred
years ago.
Then the woman pointed her finger at Lina and called out her name.
Lina Inverse!
Lina: (Oh, no, she can't mean...)
Lina Inverse!
Lina: Who is that? Hey, who is it?
You! I'm talking to you! don't look around! Yo, a
magic-user with brown hair, small height and a black mantle!
Lina: Small ?! Well, excuse me!!
Then everyone looks at Lina. ^_6
Lina: (Oh, damn!!)
Lina figuring out there is no way out for her now,
A good question! I mean to put an end to your legend as
'Invincible Princess of Darkness'! By me, Naga the white serpent!
Lina: Princess of Darkness....? Who do you mean by that!! (Ack,
people are staring at me with white eyes... ;_; )
Lina: (Well, I'm pretty known among magic-users. I make my *humble*
living by destroying a band of bandits or two as I travel around.)
Lina: (I don't know why, but I'm labeled as 'very evil and
invincible' for some reason.)
Naga: I burned your possessions along with the inn for my
introduction to you. hohohohohoho. How do you like it?
Lina: Oh, you did, did you?
Lina: That means I can avenge my stuff by beating you up, right?
Naga: If you can!
Lina: Okay, I'll accept your challenge! Why don't you come down
As soon as Lina said that, Naga's smile froze...
Naga looks around and muttering to herself.
Lina: (Hmmm, she didn't plan how to get off from there, I assume...)
Naga: Aaaarrrrgh, someone!
Lina: Duh! You an idiot or something!!
Lina shoots Fire Arrows at the balcony Naga's standing.
Fire Arrows destroy the balcony and Naga falls into the fire.
Lina: My stuff...I avenged you!
Lina doing V-sign. ^_^
But then, Lina feels deadly suspence rises around her...
People are surrounding LIna now.
People: Hey! What the hell are you thinking, using a fire spell when
we are trying to put out the fire!!
Lina tried to smile and get away, but people are not put off with
it, so,
Lina tries one of her *cute-girl-disguise*. ^_6
But it doens't work, so
Lina: Hahahahahaha....Ray Wing! (this is a flying spell.)
People: Ah! She is running away!

Hohohohoho, we meet again, Lina!
Naga is bundled up in bandages all over her.
she's somhow supporting herself with two sticks she got on each arm.
Lina doesn't recognize who *it* is.
She can guess that it is a woman from the voice, however...
It's no wonder since Naga is all wrapped in the bandage.
Lina: Do I know you?
Naga: ...hah...
Naga tries to point her finger at Lina again, but loses her balance
so she stops.
Naga: You're good at feigning ignorance, girl.
Naga: I won't let you say you forgot me, your strongest rival, Naga
the White Serpent!
Lina tilts her head and says, "Do I know you?" ^_^
Lina: (Of course, I'm kidding. It's kinda hard to forget a person
who got burned in the fire she caused. But I can't believe she survived....
But I never made her my rival!! Anyway, the joke was more than Naga can
take, it seems. She's not moving at all. This might turn out to be fun,
so let me watch her while. ^_^)
Naga came to her senses when Lina ate her lunch. ^_^
Naga: I-I don't care whether you remember me or not. What matter is
whether I'll defeat you and take up your title of 'Invincible' or not!
Then Naga starts to cast a spell.
'Dynast Brethe' it's called.
Lina: (Hmmm, I thought this need to hand-waving.
Naga is reciting the spell...
Then reciting stops at certain point....where she has to wave her
hands. ^_^
Naga tries to lift her arm desperately and falls!
Trying desperately to stand up.... ^_^
Naga tries to stand up a few times....then, " me."
Lina thought it's kinda leave a bad taste if she just leave Naga
here to starve to death, so she helps her stand up.
Naga: heh heh heh, you're still naive, Lina! Helping your enemy!!
Naga: I'll show you my true power this time!!
Naga starts casting a spell again, this time the one without waving
Lina: (Show me her true power, eh? I thought I already saw
+one....she's so dumb, I must say.)
Lina kicks at the stick which supports Naga. ^_6
Naga falls again.
Naga desperately tries to stand up.
Lina: (She just doesn't understand her situation...)
Naga suddenly stops.
Naga: me...
Lina: Forget it!
and Lina walks away... ^_6

Lina spewed the juice she was drinking.
Naga: How disgusting...
Lina: Shut up! Who do you think made me do it?!
Lina: (Aaaargh, she has recovered!!)

In the middle of a busy street in the daytime, a woman who got a
tendency of exhibitionism is laughing so loud in a weird can
imagine how people are staring at her, I trust.

Lina: H-hey, you! Don't talk to me in daytime dressed like that,
People: Hey, what's this, a show? Sis, aren't you sexy! Take off
the clothes!
Naga is smiling thinly not minding people around her.
Naga: You're afraid of me, girl? You did very well the last
time, but now that my wounds are healed, the same trick won't fool me again!!
Lina: (Eeee, I don't want this anymore! I don't want anything to do
with her!! I want to cry!!)
Lina: (Oh well! I guess I just have to finish her off and end this
thing entirely!!)
Lina: Alright, I understand. Let's have it out once and for all.
Naga: I see. So you have decided.
Now Naga and Lina are staring at each other deadly.
Then Lina hears people talking....
People: Hey, is she with that weird girl too? I feel sorry
for her, she's so young... I wonder what kind of education she had....
Lina's face turns all red. ^_^
Lina: (D-damn, I don't think I'll lose magic-fighting her, but she
definitely got an advantage for not feeling any embarassment...)
Lina: We'll fight outside of this town at sunset today, okay?
Naga: Humph, you're afraid of me after all. You're planning to run
away saying something like that, aren't you!
Naga: I won't let you have your way! I'll finish you here and now!
Naga casts a bunch of 'Freeze Arrows'
The area around Naga and Lina is now in chaos.
Naga: Take this, take this! Hohohoho! What's wrong, little girl?
You can't run forever, you know!!
Lina thinking *rationally* this time, dare not to use her magic
inside the town.
She tries to lure Naga out of town, but she slips and falls on
ice formed on the ground.
Naga: Hohohoho! Your luck has finally ran down.
Naga approaches Lina gracefully.
Naga is elated by the fact she's gonna finish Lina, she doesn't
notice the angry mood of the crowd around her.
Naga: From today, the title of the strongest magic-user is mine,
Lina Inverse....
Naga fell down on the ground.
The one who hit her with a frozen watermelon is the owner of a
grocery store.
Naga: What's that for ?!!
Naga turns to face the crowds advancing on her...
Owner: That's for me to say!! You froze my merchandise, what're you
going to do about it?!!
The several others who were also victimized by Naga's spell nod
silently with full of menace. ^_^
Naga: But...
Owner: But or no, you'll pay us back in one way or another!!
Naga: But...I was....
Naga is almost crying now. ^_^
Naga looks at Lina appealingly...
Lina: Thank you very much. I was troubled by her as well, She was
chasing me for some unknown reason. Now, if you'll excuse me....
Lina smiles at everyone, turns around and leaves before anyone has
any say. ^_^
Owner: Now! You come this way! Work, woman!!
Naga: Aaargh, forgive me!!
Lina left the town listening to Naga's wail.

"Hohohohoho, we meet again, Naga the white serpent! At last,
we'll end this once and for all!"
Lina said, as soon as she saw Naga.
Naga, her lines taken from her, moved her mouth silently. ^_^
They're in a forest now.
Naga: Humph!
Naga recovers after a while.
Naga: That's right, that's what I wanted to say. You ran away from
me the past 3 encounters, but not this time!
Lina: (I didn't know people called that 'running away'....)
Lina: ...But anyway, did you compensate for the damage you've done
to that town? I thought it'd take you longer, you caught up to me very fast.
Naga: Oh, that. Of course, I paid them back. I made them buy
oranges. Then, I made orange sorbet by using cold magic. Oh, it was such a
Lina: Oh, I see! I didn't think of that!!
Lina: Yeah, that is definitely gonna sell....Hmmm, you have eyes for
business, I tell ya!
Naga: Oh, it was nothing, nothing at all.
Naga gets embarassed.
Lina: Mmmmm, I'll try it next time. Okay, if you think up anymore
new ways to do business, let me know. Later!
Lina waves to Naga, turns and trys to leave...
Naga waves back...
Then her smile kinda gets jerky. ^_^
Naga: Hey, wait! This is not what we were supposed to be doing!!
Naga: heh, you're very good, Lina. I almost fell for your trick
Lina: Hmmm, usually people don't fall for this kinda thing....
Naga: Shut up! Now, it's time to fight it out!!
Lina: Alright....then...why don't we get over with.
Naga steps back intimidated by Lina's tone.
But she casts Freeze Arrows at Lina immediately.
However, the arrows were deflected by the wind shield Lina put up.
Naga's face freezes.
Lina: Now...
Lina smiles nastily...
It's my turn!
Naga blown by the explosion, flies into the air and crashes face
down. ^_^
Lina: (Ah, she doesn't move.... Is that it?
Then Naga's body twitches a bit.
Lina: (Hey, she's still alive.) ^_^
Naga tries to stand...
Naga:'re pretty good. You don't call yourself my rival
for nothing! ^_^ But you haven't defeated me!
Lina: Aaaaargh, don't be a bad loser! And you're the one who
claimed to be my rival, not me!!
Naga starts blasting everything around her.
Lina dodges frantically.
Then, the blasting stopped suddenly.
When Lina looked around....she found Naga under a limb of a tree she
had blasted. ^_^
Lina: Say, are you still alive?

Lina pokes Naga a few time.
Naga looks up.
She is muttering something.
Lina: Say what?
Lina puts her ear close to Nag's mouth.
Naga: I'll fogive you this time...
Lina bonked Naga's head. ^_6

Naga regained her consciousness in a doctor's house at some village.
Lina: Are you alright?
Naga: Lina....why?
Lina: (...well, when I hit her head that time, she suddenly stopped
moving, so I dragged her here in haste....but this is better kept
secret. )
Lina: ...You won....that's the reason I helped you.
Naga: ...huh...?
I won?
Lina: That's right...I submit to your fighting spirit.
Naga: Does that mean....?
Lina: Yes.
Lina: The title of 'the strongest magic-user' is yours from now on.
Naga: Lina...
Naga offers Lina her right hand, with tears in her eyes. ^_6
Lina took it firmly...
Lina: (heh heh heh, here goes...)
Lina: At last I found you, Naga the White serpent!

Lina meets Naga a few days later in some other village.
She had followed Naga secretly.
Naga: Li-Lina?
Lina smiles nastily.
Lina: I came to win back the title of the strongest magic-uer which
you took from me! Now, let's fight!
Naga's face stiffens.
Naga: O-oh c-com'n! That was....I don't want that anymore!! I
can't take it anymore!!
Lina: I don't care!
Lina lifts her middle finger upward.
Lina: (I wanted to have a role where I can chase someone all the
+time! That's why I told Naga I lost.)
Naga: Oh no!! Please forgive me!!
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